Tech Emergency: How To Save A Wet Phone

New York Smash Magazine  

Saving A Wet Cell Phone

At a house party last summer, a guy dove into the pool at full speed. He resurfaced a moment later with an expression of horror on his face. “What’s wrong?” I asked. Wading in the water, he stuck his hand into the pocket of his trunks and pulled out a completely soaked iPhone.

Whether you accidentally jump into the pool with your cell phone or get caught in a crazy storm, a technology emergency of this magnitude can ruin your day. Good news: it doesn’t have to.

According to the experts at DryBox Rescue, a cutting-edge cell phone drying technology, here are a few need-to-know tips for saving a wet cell phone (hint: the old trick of submerging it in rice is not one of them).

1. DON’T put it in rice – starch ruins it.


2. DON’T plug it in – this could lead to electric shock.

3. DO power it off.

4. DO remove the battery if you can.


5. DON’T power it back on.


6. DON’T use a hair dryer to dry it out.