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The 10 US Cities with the Most Eligible Millionaires

New York Smash Magazine  

Move over, Forbes 400 — There’s a new list of wealthiest people in America, and this one reveals SINGLE millionaires and where to find them!, the world’s premiere millionaire-dating website that is said to have 89,503 single millionaires actively searching for their perfect match, conducted a member census. 

The site analyzed all member profiles, ranking the cities according to where the most single men lived with a net worth of at least $1 million.

According to the census results, New York City is home to the most single millionaires, with 4,101 men who have a net worth of at least $1 million.

The full list is below:

The Most Eligible Millionaires in America (Based on 89,503 Single Members with $1 Million Net Worth)

1.) New York, NY – 4,101
2.) Los Angeles, CA – 2,127
3.) Chicago, IL – 1,092
4.) Houston, TX –  1,038
5.) Dallas, TX – 966
6.) San Francisco, CA – 909
7.) Atlanta, GA – 687
8.) Miami, FL – 653
9.) Las Vegas, NV – 664
10.) Austin, TX – 543

The site’s founder, Brandon Wade, believes that this census should be utilized as a tool for those seeking to date wealthy men.

“This ranking serves as a guide for those looking date successful singles,” says Brandon Wade, the CEO and Founder of “Not all single millionaires want a serious relationship, but this census proves that even the wealthiest men seek stability in their love life.”