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The 3 Best Fat-Burning YouTube Workout Videos

New York Smash Magazine  

Are you itching to work out but you’re lacking equipment and/or there’s no gym in the area? No problem.

In fact, you won’t even need workout DVDs or equipment. All you need is Internet access, decent volume, and space (a hotel room, living room — any average-sized room). No matter where I am, I can count on these three YouTube videos to give me a real work out any place, anytime. Did I mention that these videos are free and full-length? Note: Some of these videos suggest the option to use 5-8 lb. weights for an extra challenge. When I don’t have dumbbells with me, I’ve used bookends, gallons of water and even a sculpture (don’t try that one at home) instead. As long as you’re being safe, don’t be afraid to get creative.

Now, turn your laptop or tablet on and get ready to sweat.

The videos, plus length and average calorie burn, are below.

1. Pump It Up The Ultimate Dance Workout

Workout Type: Fast-paced dance cardio workout with brief toning section for glutes, abs and arms

Length: One hour and 17 minutes

Average Calorie Burn: About 500 calories

YouTube Link To Video:

This very popular high-energy aerobic dance workout has 13,925,736 YouTube views for a reason. It will make you sweat, feel great and burn off a ton of calories. An attractive group of dancers motivate you to shake your booty and do challenging body-toning moves at a fast pace for a serious sweat session. Probably one of the best perks is the amazing soundtrack of house and club songs (e.g. warm-up to Jakatta’s “American Dream,” move your hips to “Satisfaction” by Benny Benassi, and cha-cha to latin beats like “Pasilda” by Afro Medusa). And how could we forget the anthem, “Pump It Up” by Danzel. No matter what level you are as a dancer, the songs will inspire you to fist-pump and move to the music. Essentially, this workout feels less like “work” and more like “fun.” After the dance and cardio/kickboxing sections, the workout wraps up with a short abs, arms and buns toning section. Though brief, it’s enough to work those muscles and feel the burn. When it’s time to cool down, you’ll feel wiped out in a great way, with a major endorphin high.  

2. Jillian Michaels: 6 Week Six-Pack Abs Workout- Level 1

Workout Type: Intense and effective ab workout with total-body fat-shedding moves

Length: 35 minutes

Average Calorie Burn:  About 300 – 350 calories


Jillian Michaels promises a six-pack if you do this DVD regularly, and I can tell you from personal experience that this video has completely transformed my abs. Within a couple of weeks, I saw definition  I’ve never seen before. If you do the moves properly and keep up with Jillian’s fast pace, you’ll almost definitely see results. Her philosophy is to burn overall body fat while conditioning your core. So it’s not just crunches and standard ab exercises; she works the entire body (think burpees, side plank variations, lots of squats, and mountain climbers). She focuses on doing the moves properly to prevent injury, proper breathing, and core-focused moves to tone and strengthen your midsection and back, as well as burn off belly fat so you can see those muscles. There are also a few pilates-inspired moves to increase flexibility. Jillian is known to be a tough coach which keeps you pushing through the entire video (there is no such thing as giving up or wasting time!). Beginners: Don’t be intimated. The video includes easier, modified versions of each exercise so you can work up to a higher level gradually. Advanced levels can make the workout more challenging by using weights. In this video, Jillian drives you to perform at your best. When it’s over, I literally lay on the ground for a good minute or two. Jillian is hardcore but her approach to fitness clearly works. What a bad-ass workout. 

3. Burn Fat Fast Cardio Blast Complete Weight Loss Workout: Denise Austin

Workout Type: Total body fat-burning aerobics and interval training featuring dance, kickboxing and athletic drills

Length: 51 minutes

Average Calorie Burn:  About 350 calories


I love Denise Austin. She’s a classic, and her positive energy is really inspiring. Her Cardio Blast workout really kicks my butt! Denise and her team of backup instructors give us a fantastic workout with lots of variety that makes you feel as if you’re in a real-life aerobics class, not a virtual one. Cardio Blast is made to get your heart rate up and melt fat, while toning your body with squats, punches, kicks, and athletic drills. For an even greater challenge, I use 5 lb. weights for the bicep curl sections in between the cardio/athletic intervals. Using weights is totally optional. The workout begins with a five-minute warm-up. Then, you’ll kick and punch through a challenging and fast-paced 10-minute kickboxing section. Next, there’s 10 minutes of athletic intervals (e.g. skating, skiing and even volleyball moves) and agility drills, 10 minutes of fun retro aerobics (get ready to do the grapevine), followed by 10 minutes of cardio dance with ab-toning moves and Latin dancing. The last section is a five-minute cool down and stretching session. You can choose to do the entire workout or just sections of it. Overall, this is an excellent total-body workout that will give you the fitness fix you needed.