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The 3 Best Teas For Better Skin, Weight Loss and Detoxing

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The Best Detox Teas

Tea has been known for its health benefits since ancient times.

Today, tea manufacturers are inventing teas that claim to promote weight loss and cure various ailments. Here are our favorite health-boosting, detoxifying teas:

1. For weight loss, try…


Does FitTea really promote fat loss? Watch these YouTube video testimonials by FitTea testers (videos are in this post OR you can watch them on YouTube here and here).

Benefits: According to testimonials (see YouTube testimonials in this post), FitTea may actually speed up the weight loss process in a natural, healthy way. The fat-burning tea is made of an all-natural blend of certified organic herbs which are said to enhance weight loss, suppress appetite and detoxify the digestive system. The formula includes natural and trusted ingredients such as cleansing organic green tea, guarana and rooibos. The healthy combo is meant to burn stubborn body fat (belly, hips and thighs) while boosting your immune system. FitTea is available in 14-day and 28-day programs.
Where To Buy: FitTea can be purchased at The 14-day program is $25. The 28-day program is $45.

2. To promote clearer, glowing skin, try…

Skin DeTox by Yogi

Yogi Skin DeTox Tea

Benefits: Want a healthy, youthful glow? Who doesn’t? Skin DeTox by Yogi, a popular tea company, is an aromatic floral tea, formulated to remove impurities in your body which can ultimately lead to a clearer complexion. Organic green tea floods your system with rejuvenating antioxidants, while ayurveda cools and soothes the skin. Ingredients like burdock and Yellow Dock are combined with red clover to promote cleansing.
Where To Buy: Skin DeTox by Yogi can be purchased for $4.99 for 1 box at

3. To rid your body of toxins and promote healthy liver function, try…

EveryDay Detox® by Traditional Medicinals

Traditional Medicinals Everyday Detox

Benefits: This herbal remedy is blended with schisandra (known as “five flavor berry” in Chinese), which gives it a deliciously, and almost addictive, complex taste. And that explains why this detox tea is one of our top picks: It’s good for your health and tastes great! EveryDay Detox® has the ability to stimulate your liver’s natural detoxication processes, thanks to ingredients such as dandelion and chicory root.
Where To Buy: EveryDay Detox® by Traditional Medicinals can be purchased for $4.99 for 1 box at

*These statements may have not been evaluated by the FDA. One or more of these products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.