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The 3 Coolest “Mad Men” Style Bars

New York Smash Magazine  

Elegance, class, effortless cool factor, and fashion that never goes out of style; The 1960s were a time when things were simple and, quite honestly, simply fabulous in so many ways.

Many who watch AMC’s award-winning show “Mad Men” have found themselves enamored by the story line, its characters and the decade itself. Wouldn’t it be a blast to live the “Mad Men” lifestyle for an evening? If so, go ahead, get dressed up and transport yourself back to that exceptionally charming period in history. If you want the full experience, go out in full costume – that means wearing something quintessentially 60s that will give you a 100 percent chance of getting a few double-takes while you strut down the street.

In honor of the premiere of the show’s final season airing on April 5, here are three Mad Mad-style bars that can bring out your inner Don Draper or Joan Holloway.

1. Grape & Vine

Inside The Jade Hotel

Address: 52 W 13th St, New York, NY 10011

Jade Hotel Grape and Vine

Grape & Vine at The Jade Hotel

As far as impressing Don Draper goes, Grape & Vine is sure to do the trick! As we all know, the distinguished media moquel has a taste for the finer things in life, including a good single-malt. Grape & Vine epitomizes luxe décor with its 1920s Art-Deco inspired furnishings.This day-to-night bar and restaurant serves up market-driven fare as well as a selection of the finest bourbons and specialty cocktails in an intimate setting complemented by plush, red Hollywood-style banquets, and golden accents. Welcome home, Don!

2. Pier A Harbor House

Address: 22 Battery Place, New York NY, 10004

Pier A Harbor House Cocktail New York Mad Men Bars

Pier A Harbor House

Located on the tip of Manhattan in Battery Park, Don Draper can stowaway at Pier A Harbor House’s Oyster Bar. Located at the back of this expansive epicurean destination, the Oyster Bar is a more intimate, elegant bar setting to enjoy one of Pier A Harbor House’s signature cocktails, such as an on-tap Dark n’ Stormy, a Clock Tour Sour (bourbon, lemon, demarra syrup and chime pinot noir) or the Lazarus (gin, lillet, Cointreau, lemon and absinthe rinse). Don can also slurp down the freshest East Coast oysters while enjoying expansive views of the Statue of Liberty and the Hudson River. Should the occasion call for wine, Don can select his bottle from Pier A Harbor House’s private, glass cellar that spans two floors and is located in the Oyster Bar.

3. Winnie’s Jazz Bar

Address: 63 West 38th Street, New York, NY 10018

Located inside Refinery Hotel, Winnie’s Jazz Bar is the place in NYC’s Garment District where you’ll find Don Draper and company enjoying cocktails such as a Quinoa Old Fashioned or a Manhattan. With nightly jazz performances and signature cocktails to serve only the refined, Don Draper fits right in.