The Best Beauty Products For Cold Weather: 4 Products To Save Your Skin This Winter

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Watching the snow fall from your window is a pretty sight. But the damage that harsh winter weather can do to your skin is usually not-so-pretty. If you’re hunkering down in a cold weather climate, here are a few fabulous beauty fixes for common winter beauty woes.



WINTER BEAUTY PROBLEM: Dry hands and nails. Cold weather and dry air can cause hands and nails to dehydrate and crack. While there are many hand moisturizers on the market, most are not designed to address nail dryness. This product does it all.

Winter hand moisturizer

Sebamed Hand & Nail Balm, $12.99 at

BEAUTY FIX: Sebamed Hand & Nail Balm

PRICE: $12.99 at

WHAT IT DOES: A dermatologist-developed moisturizer specially made to replenish moisture for hands and nails.

BEST USES: To keep hands and nails hydrated, use it regularly in cold weather and bring it on the plane to combat the skin-drying effects of low humidity and dry air in-flight.

WHY WE LOVE IT: Known for their super mild skin care products made for even the most sensitive skin, Sebamed hit a home run when they designed the Hand & Nail Balm, a pH balanced multipurpose formula that nourishes and heals both hands and nails. Developed by dermatologists, Sebamed Hand & Nail Balm is clinically proven to hydrate hands and maintain the strength of nails against breakage.



WINTER BEAUTY PROBLEM: Dehydrated, chapped lips. Chapped lips, and a dull-looking, pale complexion is a common result of daily exposure to harsh winds and winter elements. This moisturizing, age-defying, brightening lipstick is an all-in-one beautifying and healing  remedy.

Clarins Rouge Eclat Lipstick Satin Finish Age-Defying Lipstick Red Fuchsia

Clarins Rouge Eclat Lipstick Satin Finish, Age-Defying Lipstick in Red Fuchsia
$27 at

BEAUTY FIX: Clarins Rouge Eclat Lipstick Satin Finish, Age-Defying Lipstick. Available in 15 shades.

PRICE: $27 each at

WHAT IT DOES: A rich and creamy lipstick that delivers long-lasting color AND long-term anti-aging benefits that make your lips appear more youthful over time. The pigmented formula in combination with skin-brightening ingredients will liven up your face.

BEST USES: This product can be worn year-round, but because of its moisturizing properties, it’s a great cold weather option. Wear it alone or with lip liner for a hydrated and gorgeously youthful pout.

WHY WE LOVE IT: Let’s start with the obvious: We love this lipstick’s delicious blackberry and liquorice scent and luxurious packaging. Most importantly, this innovative formula moisturizes and protects lips against dehydration while boosting collagen (thanks to The Nutri-Youth Complex). Containing Vitamin E, it also protects against free radicals, and brightens and evens out your skin tone, thanks to Liposomal encapsulated Apple Extract, grapefruit, and orange. Because it’s made with 100 percent plant waxes, this lipstick has a smooth, satin texture which makes it easy to apply and comfortable for all-day wear. 

With 15 available shades, it’s hard not to find a color that works for you. Our favorite is Red Fuchsia, a gorgeous berry-red (you may be bundled up from head-to-toe, but this pop of color is sure to get you noticed!)


Onsen Hydrol-Collagen Cream Japanese Luxury Skin care

Onsen Hydrol-Collagen Cream, $249.95 at



WINTER BEAUTY PROBLEM: A dry complexion and/or aging complexion (more prominent fine lines, signs of aging) due to harsh weather. Let’s face it. On a cold winter morning, most of us don’t wake up looking fresh-faced and dewey. Because cold, dry air can dehydrate your skin, you may need an evening moisturizer that replenishes that lost moisture. 

BEAUTY FIX: Onsen Hydrol-Collagen Night Cream.

PRICE: $249.95 at

WHAT IT DOES: Created using a unique Japanese hot springs minerals formulation, luxury Japanese skin care brand Onsen introduced the Hydrol-Collagen Night Cream as part of a special collection of ultra-hydrating products. The brand calls it an Evening Elasticity Enhancer, and for good reason. Hydrating ingredients allow this miracle-working night cream to replenish your skin’s moisture while you sleep.

BEST USES: During cold, exceptionally dry and/or windy weather, apply a pea-sized amount to a clean face every night before bed in order to wake up with more hydrated, radiant skin.

WHY WE LOVE IT: This high-quality night cream provides continuous 8-hour time released hydration and according to the brand, it’s guaranteed to give you firmer, plumper, smoother skin by morning. Plus, its near-perfect consistency (light in texture, yet richly absorbent) feels great on your skin, and looks even better on your face by the a.m.


Best Face Wash for Winter

Amarte Daily Wonder Cleansing Foam
$40 at

WINTER BEAUTY PROBLEM: Most of us cleanse our skin once or twice per day to remove makeup, dirt, oil and impurities. But many cleansers are too harsh and over-drying for cold weather, leaving your face dehydrated, less youthful in appearance and even more prone to breakouts.

BEAUTY FIX: Amarte Daily Wonder® Cleansing Foam

PRICE: $40 at

WHAT IT DOES: A luxurious face wash that deeply cleanses your skin and clears breakouts, without drying it.

BEST USES: Whether you’re acne-prone or have normal/combination skin with occasional breakouts, this cleanser is made for all skin types. However, we love to use this face wash during dry winter months because it deeply cleanses and prevents breakouts, while leaving your skin hydrated, not dried out.

WHY WE LOVE IT: This incredible creamy cleanser by Amarte cleanses the skin thoroughly, while moisturizing ingredients prevent your skin from drying out. It’s designed to work for a range of skin types, from normal, combination, oily to acne-prone. We love that it has the ability to clear up acne breakouts, yet miraculously leaves your skin feeling clean AND perfectly hydrated. Ingredients like Purified Nano-Sulfur brighten, exfoliate and purify your complexion. The healing effects of Allantoin  calm and soothe the skin.

We received the featured products above and reviewed them. All opinions are our own.