The Most and Least Popular Bikini Wax Style Trends

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Bikini Wax Styles

An expert reveals the most wanted bikini wax trends of the year.
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You may be up-to-date on the latest beauty and fashion trends, but do you know the trendiest styles for your hair “down there?”

Bikini waxing has become one of the most popular hair removal treatments, according to hair removal expert Noemi Grupenmager, president of Uni K Wax Center, a national chain specializing in hair removal with locations in New York, Florida and California.

“I find that America is a country that loves to maintain high levels of hygiene, whether it is to be beach-ready or show off the latest in sexy lingerie, fashion styles or bathing suits,” Grupenmager said. “Hair removal is very much a trend that has been growing significantly over the last ten years, and ever since I introduced the Brazilian Bikini Wax 21-years-ago, I have seen Brazilian Bikinis grow globally to the point where full body waxing is as normal of a routine as having a pedicure or manicure done.”

From hairless to a light bikini wax and everything in between, there are plenty of styles to choose from.

Here is a complete guide to this year’s most wanted (and least wanted) bikini wax styles.

Top 5 Most Popular Bikini Wax Styles

1. Full Brazilian Bikini Front and Back

The most popular style is the Full Brazilian Front and Back, which removes all the hair from the front of the bikini area, right around in between the cheeks to your butt area (but not the cheeks).

“The reason why this is the most popular is no one wants hair anywhere,” Grupenmager told New York Smash. “Over 80 percent of customers I see have a bikini wax service, and the trend I am seeing is more customers going for a Full Brazilian Bikini Front and Back, rather than just a Deep Bikini or Bikini Line wax.

She also told us that this style may even have some fabulous benefits:

Better sex (possibly!): “During sex, the hairless area allows for more sensitivity with skin-on-skin.”

It feels luxurious: “When you wear those little silk panties, you feel the luxury of the silk on your bare skin.”

2. Full Brazilian Bikini Front

Similar to the style above, without hair being removed from the behind.

3. Brazilian Bikini Front with Top

Similar to the waxing style above, where the waxer will leave a “landing strip,” which is shortened. Hair is removed from the top of the landing strip to just above the top of the lip.

4. Brazilian Bikini Front

This style consists of a small “landing strip” of hair left in the front, but the hair close to the lips in the bikini area is not removed.

“Many people like this waxing style, as they don’t have to bare it all on the waxing bed but they receive the full benefits of waxing the bikini area, allowing them to wear bikinis without the fear of a loose hair,” Grupenmager said.

5. Deep Bikini with Top

This is a waxing style that removes hair about two fingers in from the panty line, and hair is also removed from the top of the bikini area, leaving a neat small triangle of hair.

According to Grupenmager, here are the benefits of this style:

You don’t have to expose yourself completely: “Customers can wax the bikini area without exposing their full women parts.”

It removes just enough hair: “They can wear a bikini or other underwear and not worry about any stray hair escaping to embarrass them.”

Least Popular Bikini Style:

The Bikini Line

The least popular is the bikini line, which is the removal of hair up to the panty line only.  The rest of the bikini area is left untouched. So, if you prefer a full area of hair but contained to the bounds of the panty area, this is the waxing style for you.

the Bikini Wax Style that is no longer trendy:

The Au Natural Look

Although it was trending for a moment in time, the natural “bush” look is now considered to be so last year.

Last season, there was media floating around about growing hair down there,” Grupenmager said. “Those that went to the au natural look swiftly went back to the full Brazilian Bikini Front and Back. They missed everything they love about removing hair completely. The full bush of hair is a thing of the past — not only for our female customers, but their significant others also prefer the benefits of having a completely bare bikini area.”