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The Ultimate Springtime Sangria Recipe

New York Smash Magazine  

Sangria is a fun and refreshing treat year-round. We were elated to find a recipe specially made for those warmer spring months which are, thankfully, fast-approaching.

Created by the expert culinary team at Duet Brasserie, a French-influenced contemporary American restaurant in New York, here’s a Springtime Sangria recipe that you can make at home. Check out the recipe below.

Duet Brasserie’s Springtime Sangria
Serves 2
Springtime Sangria
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  1. 1 bottle of white wine (Pinot Grigio or Sancerre)
  2. 6 oz. of Brandy
  3. ½ cup seltzer
Juices and Purees you can choose to include
  1. Guava puree
  2. Papaya puree
  3. Mango puree
  4. Peach puree
  1. 1 cup of Orange juice, Passion Fruit juice, Apple or Pear juice
  1. Mix the ingredients together
  2. Shake well and pour into a glass with diced fruit (plums, apples, oranges (seasonal or favorite)
  3. Also, we would recommend to not add ice to the pitcher of sangria as it will become too watery
Adapted from http://duetny.com/
New York Smash http://newyorksmash.com/

About Duet Brasserie: Located in Manhattan’s West Village (37 Barrow Street), Duet Brasserie is led by an innovative husband and wife culinary team, Executive Chef Dmitry Rodov and Executive Pastry Chef Diana Rodov. The beautifully designed 3500-square foot space offers contemporary American cuisine with a French influence, where guests can experience their choice of a neighborhood café or casual fine dining. Each aspect of the restaurant showcases Chef Rodov’s French accented artistic fare, ranging from Gluten Free Quiche Lorraine, to Chef’s Classic Frisee & Lardons, as well as freshly made breads, pastries and desserts.