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The World’s Best Blood Mary Hails From Newport, Kentucky

New York Smash Magazine  

The Crazy Fox Saloon
901 Washington Ave, Newport, KY 41071, United States
(859) 261-2143

What goes into a Blood Mary? Tomato juice? Worcestershire sauce? A bit of horseradish and celery?

That’s what we typically see, but Indulge Report found a Bloody Mary that none of us anticipated.

The cocktail was discovered at The Crazy Fox Saloon in Newport, Kentucky, where a mind-blowing Bloody Mary is served up every Sunday as a special.

The saloon, which this Foursquare page calls a “bar and gay bar,” whips up the Bloody Mary with different ingredients every Sunday. The cocktail can include anything from kale, cheese, sliders, hamburgers (as you can see), to olives, salami, a pig in a blanket, calzones (yesssss), pepper, and celery.

The ingredients all depend on the bartender’s selection and it varies weekly.

This crazy-looking (and crazy-good) Bloody Mary will cost you $4.50 during the Sunday special.

During the week, a regular Bloody Mary is $4 throughout Happy Hour and $4.75 during regular hours.

Congratulations, Crazy Fox Saloon of Newport, Kentucky. You may just have the best Bloody Mary on the planet.

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