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Tinder Swipe of the Day: Daniel Discovers Christine

New York Smash Magazine  


Tinder Swipe of the Day New York Smash Magazine

Daniel discovers Christine on Tinder. Will her avant-garde photos and shiny accessories impress him?

Christine*, 20

Your glowing optimism and zest for life is rivaled only by your thirst for wearing schoolgirl outfits and overdone eyeliner.

You’re unique, and it shows because all of your photos are in black and white.

You wear a tiara in almost every single one.

I truly do love you,
but I can’t stand the disappointment.

I swipe left.

*Names have been changed.

Tinder Swipe of the Day is based on Daniel Maroti’s experiences on Tinder, the mobile app that matches men and women based on geographical location, number of mutual Facebook friends and common interests. On a mission to find the woman of his dreams, Daniel shares his first impressions, thoughts and feelings about each potential love interest he encounters. Visit daily to stay updated on Daniel’s virtual dating adventures.

Daniel Maroti New York Smash Magazine DANIEL MAROTI
Daniel Maroti is a writer, musician and part-time badminton champion. Originally from the lofty peaks of Fort Lee, NJ, he has relocated to Los Angeles, to the western edge of the world, in search of the sun and true love on the Internet.