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Tinder Swipe of the Day: Would You Post Your Wedding Photos On Your Dating Profile?

New York Smash Magazine  


Tinder Swipe of the Day columnist Daniel Maroti finds a Tinder match whose photos showcase her open-minded nature.

Nora*, 22

There is absolutely nothing more possibly inviting than littering your profile with photos of you and your happy husband on your wedding day.

It shows me a couple things.

1. You are the type that’ll hang around through anything. (A+)
2. That you are moving with the trends of LA culture and forsaking the age old American tradition of monogamous marriage. (A+)

Your lone photo without your husband is of you standing alone, grinding up alongside a wax figure of Jack Sparrow.

How I long to plunder the happy home that you and your husband have created,
reaping the treasures of ecstasy in your short and rather weak arms.

I am your pirate on the side.

*Names have been changed.

Tinder Swipe of the Day is based on Daniel Maroti’s experiences on Tinder, the mobile app that matches men and women based on geographical location, number of mutual Facebook friends and common interests. On a mission to find the woman of his dreams, Daniel shares his first impressions, thoughts and feelings about each potential love interest he encounters. Visit daily to stay updated on Daniel’s virtual dating adventures.

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Daniel Maroti is a writer, musician and part-time badminton champion. Originally from the lofty peaks of Fort Lee, NJ, he has relocated to Los Angeles, to the western edge of the world, in search of the sun and true love on the Internet.