Top 10 Baby Booming Cities of Summer 2015

New York Smash Magazine  

More babies are born during the summer than any other time of year.

The top 10 “Baby Booming Cities,” ranked by percent of births per year, were revealed today, thanks to a study conducted by zulily, a retailer that offers thousands of new products and specials daily with five million active customers.

The study uncovered the top 10 U.S. cities for expecting moms, as well as the top trending baby products and baby gear.

Results were determined by the careful review of more than 385,000 products and analyzing top selling items in each market.

According to the study, the most popular baby products are eco-friendly, budget-conscious options, such as:

A list of the Top 10 “Baby Booming Cities” can be found below.

1. Houston, TX:

As the country’s fastest growing city, it’s no surprise that Houston moms are also the biggest purchasers of disposable diapers. Houstonites don’t shy away from classic patterns either. They are the most likely to buy chevron or striped goods for their babies.

2. San Jose, CA:

This Bay Area city is known for its start-up culture and eco-consciousness, which is a characteristic reflected in its baby purchase patterns too. The most popular baby items purchased by San Jose moms are non-toxic biodegradable cloth wipes.

3. Dallas, TX:

The Dallas Zoo is home to over 2,000 animals which is also the number of baby-related purchases moms in this city have made.

4. San Diego, CA:

“America’s Finest City” is one where you’re most likely to find people in flip flops – and with baby bumps. This coastal city enjoys year round sun and leads the pack in swim diaper sales. San Diegans love the playful prints and 100% organic lining of the Charlie Banana swim diaper line.

5. San Antonio, TX:

While not as highly populated as its sister cities to the north and south, San Antonio has just as strong of an appetite for baby purchases. If each of the 2,000 items represented a yard, they could be laid back to back along Broadway St. and Parland Pl. to stretch from the Witte Museum to the Botanical Gardens and back again.

6. Chicago, IL:

Surprisingly the only Midwestern city on the list, Chicagoans are busy snapping up baby gear items in droves. Perhaps in preparation for the next generation of deep dish pizza lovers, Chicago parents in particular are buying the most bibs for their kids of all of the top cities, with a particular preference for the fashionable Black & White Plaid Scabib. Chi-town residents actually have a specific penchant for plaid—and polka dots!

7. Philadelphia, PA:

In Philly, the population growth is attributed mostly to new births and with 64% of new moms breastfeeding it makes sense a top item in this city is the Twist Breastfeeding Gift Set.

8. Phoenix, AZ:

Parents who live in the “Valley of the Sun” are the top purchasers of cloth diapers by far, perhaps due to an interest in keeping their babies more comfortable during those long, hot summers. They love the Bumpkins brand, and the Green & Blue Turtles Snap-in-One Diapers in particular.

9. Los Angeles, CA:

In a city where celebrities and their babies are spotted daily, stylish L.A. families are out to make a fashion statement. L.A. babies are more likely to be found wearing skull-emblazoned bibs, pacifiers or diapers. Additionally, eco-friendly minded SoCal residents are loving biodegradable and durable bamboo products.

10. New York, NY:

NYC parents on the go find themselves relying on their trusty stroller whether they’re at the park or on the subway. They’re most likely to buy stroller accessories like seat liners, organizers, locks, covers, weather shields and bunting. NYC residents are also most likely to purchase organic items from swaddles to burpcloths to receiving blankets or anything in a floral pattern.