Top 10 Halloween Selfies To Be Revealed By

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Halloween Selfie Contest

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With the help of social media, flaunting your Halloween costume just got easier.

This year, millions of people are taking photos of themselves, also known as selfies, wearing their Halloween ensembles and sharing them on social media sites.

With the Halloween selfie trend in full swing,, a people discovery app and social networking site that lets you meet people through selfies, has launched a contest for the top 10 Halloween selfies.

Users can submit as many photos of themselves in as many costumes as they want. The winner will receive a $250 Amazon gift card. There are currently about 400 entries in the contest, a company representative told New York Smash.

The results of the contest will be revealed at and on’s Twitter, Facebook and Instagram pages early next week.

“ is an easy place to share pics of yourself to the world and we have a very creative and fun membership base, as we saw with our last contest ‘Doodle For Dallaz,’ where users could draw on their photos using our new app tools and #onisfun to enter,” Kevin Deegan, chief technology officer of, told New York Smash in an e-mail. “We thought people would really enjoy having an extra opportunity to show off the costumes they worked so hard putting together. This has been our first annual Halloween costume contest. We plan on having more exciting themed photo contests every month.”

According to a news release published yesterday, announced that users have uploaded more than 3 million selfies to the platform.

A new study into the behaviors of’s 800,000 global members showed that selfies have become the most popular form of image uploaded, generating more likes, comments and follows than any other, according to PRNewswire.

“ is all about making new friends and connections, and a selfie is the new first impression online,” Deegan said. “A selfie not only shows what you look like, but also your style, personality, and interests in under five seconds.”

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