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Travel Deals: SpaDreams Offers Discount On All Trips

New York Smash Magazine  

By Roy Green, Spa Dreams

The sunny summer months are approaching. Just in time to take advantage of the season, SpaDreams, an online travel destination where users can book vacations around the world, is taking 5 percent off all trips.

The deal is simple: A discount of 5 percent off will be offered on any trip booked on during the month of May.

From exotic trips to the Mediterranean to top-rated spas in Europe, SpaDreams has an extensive selection of hotels and getaways.

Health enthusiasts can choose from 3,500 spa, health, beauty, Ayurveda, yoga and detox retreats. treatments. 

With its diverse portfolio, SpaDreams is already sited in over 35 countries and 10 different languages. 

To learn more about SpaDreams’ 5 percent off special during the month of May, visit or e-mail