Traveling With A Group This Summer? You May Need This App

New York Smash Magazine  

By Anne Collins


Whether traveling for business or pleasure, certain mobile apps can add safety and convenience to your trip, making the experience that much better.

We came across Dasher, an app that offers several features in one place: you can share your location, send money and communicate with friends even faster than regular texting. Dasher’s GIF messaging is really fun; when you send any hashtag (#happy, #hurry, #lol, etc.), it turns into a GIF in the chat.

“We started building Dasher out of frustration over how much friction we experience in messaging,” Jesse Boyes, founder and CEO of Dasher, told New York Smash. “I make auto-correct mistakes all the time, try to tell people where I am when meeting up, and share links all the time. No messaging app had really helped these things, so we found an opportunity to build something a lot richer and more expressive that could actually cut out all of that friction.”

Here are Dasher’s best features for traveling:

  • Embed a map pin directly in the conversation. Share Foursquare links for places to go.
  • Share your real-time location with friends in the conversation. When multiple people are sharing location, you can see everyone’s location at once so you won’t face the dilemma of losing your friends in a foreign city.
  • Send or receive money directly in the chat. The app uses Venmo integration to do this.
  • If your plans change, you can edit and delete sent texts in real time. Less confusion when trying to meet up with people.

With live location sharing, all geographic information from the chat (places you’ve found, peoples’ locations) is collected onto a single map. Here’s what it looks like:

Dasher Screenshot app

Dasher Screenshot

Boyes shared a personal story about using the app while traveling. He told New York Smash in an e-mail:

“It was a life-saver when there were a large group of friends (20-30) out of town for a conference in San Francisco: All week, we used Dasher as a back channel to discuss what was happening at the conference, where everyone was, where the parties were at, and so on. It was uniquely useful for us because:

– It was easy to share venues, peoples’ real-time locations, and rich links.
– It worked across any channel – you can chat on your laptop (via web) or on your phones.
– The GIFs and general media richness made it feel more like fun than simply a utility.
– I was easily able to change embarrassing typos that I otherwise would have been made fun of for.”

Dasher was founded in 2014 by three New York-based engineers: Jesse Boyes, former director of mobile engineering at Gilt Groupe, Dirk McCormick, former Web lead at Jetsetter, and Andy Lister, former iOS at Foursquare.

Dasher works with iPhone, Android and any computer connected to the Internet. To get the app, visit