Your Ability To Change Your Beliefs Can Lead To Success

New York Smash Magazine  

We all have our preferences and even preconceived notions of the world. While some of your beliefs serve you well, others can actually hold you back. Negative thoughts, bad habits, lack of confidence in your abilities — all of these can seriously sabotage a person’s success. The first step to living a happy, fulfilling life is believing that you can. Christy Whitman, the New York Times bestselling author of the book “The Art Of Having It All” explains how changing your beliefs can unlock your potential and help you reach your goals, from weight loss, career and financial successes, and overcoming life’s many challenges.


Nearly a hundred years ago, Henry Ford made a very powerful assertion. “Whether you believe you can or believe you can’t, you’re right,” he said.

When it comes to magnetizing more love into our lives, whether it’s the desire to create more friendships or meet the love of our lives, we simply cannot afford to believe “we can’t.” 

In my work as an author and Law of Attraction coach, I interact with dozens of women whose primary desire in life is to find their soulmate.  

After speaking with them for just a few minutes, the primary vibration they are offering in relation to their desire becomes very apparent.  For the vast majority, that dominant vibration is cynicism and hopelessness. 

This vibration – not their desire – becomes their point of attraction.  We can’t believe that something is impossible and simultaneously draw it into our experience.   Our beliefs inform our thoughts, which then influence the way we feel, direct the actions we take and don’t take, and ultimately determine the results we manifest in our lives. 

If a woman desires to be in an intimate relationship but believes that there is a scarcity of “good” single men, the imprint of that belief will actually block her ability to receive any new or contradictory information.   What she will find instead is evidence that supports the belief she already holds to be true: she meets someone she likes, but he turns out to be married, gay, or otherwise uninterested or unavailable.  The moment her old belief is triggered, a biological reaction occurs in the very cells of her body which causes her to experience at a very concrete and physical level that her belief is valid and true.  This is what is called a self-fulfilling prophecy:  The more evidence she finds to support her beliefs, the more deeply that belief gets imprinted within her.  

Every belief we hold to be true gives rise to a certain frequency of thoughts – and every thought triggers a range of emotions.  Like everything else in the universe, our beliefs are made up of energy. Beliefs that are contrary to the outcomes we desire – what some people call “negative” beliefs – limit the range of what we allow ourselves to experience and hold us apart from drawing those outcomes into our experience.   But when our beliefs are in alignment with our desires – meaning that we are certain both about what we want and about our ability to attain it – we view every person, circumstance and opportunity as an ally.  In essence, Henry Ford was absolutely right: Whether we believe we can or believe we can’t, we’re right!

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